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League of Black Parents

Please join Black parents across America who know that if we are not organized, our children will not be recognized.  If we do not speak up, Black children will have no voice.  Black parents must advocate as well as educate.  We must take responsibility for the education of our children.  We will work in our homes, with our families, with our communities, with our schools and with our government to guarantee the proper and successful education of Black children.

Across the United States, the educational, social and economic outcomes for most Black children are a catastrophe!  In the new global educational and economic order, many, if not most, Black American children cannot compete.  If ever there were reasons for Black parents to take action, few are more compelling than the ones listed below:

  • Nationally, murders of Black males between the ages of 14- and 17-years old rose by 40% between 2000 and 2007.  During the same period, murders committed by Black males between the ages of 14- and 17-years old also rose by 38%.
  • In 2006, only 37% of Black males graduated from high school in Chicago (near the U.S. average for Black males); only 19% graduated in Indianapolis and 20% in Detroit.
  • The average 17-year-old Black child in the United States has the reading and math scores of the average 14- year-old White child.
  • One out of three Black boys born after 2001 in America will spend time in jail or prison.
  • An estimated 50% of Black girls between 14- and 19- years-old have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Between 67%  to 70% of Black children are born into single-parent, female-headed households.
  • In Chicago, only three out of 100 Black boys earn a college degree by age 25.
Black parents are responsible for the well-being of Black children.  Not the police.  Not teachers.  Not schools. Not preachers.  Not elected officials.  Not social service agencies.  Black parents must hold the police, teachers, schools, preachers, elected officials, and social service agencies accountable for their actions to support the well-being of Black children.  We will only solve the problems of Black youth to the degree that we create strong, empowered and engaged parents for Black children. Our actions, or inactions, will determine the future of our race.

Passive parental involvement is not enough.  Black parents must become active co-managers of our children's destiny.  We must become the engineers of their success.  We must and will actively participate in every aspect of their lives.  Please join the Black Star Project's League of Black Parents and commit to a 90-minute meeting, one day a month, for the sake of your child and the future of our race.  By joining the League of Black Parents, you will also join our community PTA chapter so that we can take advantage of existing resources. 

Everyone is invited to join.  Please contact Dorothy at 773.285.9600 or email her by clicking here for more information or to become a member of the League of Black Parents.   You can also join online, just include a comment that you would like your membership to go to the League of Black Parents.  Membership is open to parents, educators, clergy, community members' and students of all races, ethnicities and faith backgrounds.  We want to start chapters in other cities as well.
Thank you for being in the vanguard of educating and saving Black children.


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