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Parent University

The Toyota/Black Star Parent University was created to address a long-standing challenge parents who need additional support to build stronger families and ensure the proper education of their children.  The Parent University, designed for Chicago public school parents, is available to all parents throughout Chicago. Classes, which are also available in Spanish, are held in schools, community centers, libraries, churches, park districts and other parent-friendly locations.

A recent study by the National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools shows that parent and community involvement improves student achievement.  Regardless of race, income or language barriers, the benefits of parental and community involvement for students include:

  • Higher grade point averages and higher scores on standardized tests
  • Higher enrollment in more challenging academic programs
  • More classes passed and credits earned
  • Better school attendance
  • Less retention
  • Improved behavior at home and school
  • Better social skills and adaptation to school

Local parenting experts, who serve as "professors", teach courses that range from educating parents about conflicts resolution to developing their family's financial literacy.  Parent University courses include:

  • Boys to Men: How Single Mothers Can Raise Them
  • The Money Game: Managing Household Budgets and Teaching Children  to Earn, Save and Invest
  • Reducing Stress in Parents/Guardians and their Children
  • Black Cultural Awareness for Family Development
  • How to Make Your Child a Better Reader
  • An Introduction to Technology for Parents
  • About Sex: Talking to Your Teenager Successfully
  • Keeping Your Child Away from Gangs, Drugs and Other Destructive Activities

Better parents produce better communities, better schools and better students. Please click here for a full list of courses. Please call 773.285.9600 for more information on this program and how you can become involved.


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Black Male Achievement Mentoring Movement

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Cities participating in MLK Mentoring Day
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