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The Black Star Project has provided services for youth and parents at over 200 schools in Cook County since its founding in 1996.  We have an expanding variety of programs to help improve your school.

Our services are all subsidized by corporate and foundation grants, but there are some costs associated with their operation.  We will do our best to work with whatever funds you have within your budget.  You can also call Ava Myles at 773.285.9600 for more information on bringing our programs to your school.

School Safety Programs

The Black Star Project has a variety of programs designed to help improve school safety and improve student attendance.  Many of our Youth Development programs also contribute to these objectives, but the programs below directly focus on them.

Parent Engagement Programs

At The Black Star Project, we firmly believe that parents are the first, best, and most important educators for their children.  We can help your school better engage its parents and build a more productive partnership with them to support the education of all of our children.  We also have a special emphasis on involving fathers because we see what a difference it makes to even have a small group of engaged and supportive fathers in a school.

Academic Enrichment Programs

The Black Star Project's small group and one-on-one tutoring is an ideal supplement to bring into your school for targeted pull-out or after school tutoring.  Our experiences tutors have a wide variety of specialties and lots of experience.  And, most importantly, they are all passionate about the high standards they hold for all of our youth.

Youth Development and Mentoring Programs

Our Youth Development Programs are small group workshops with students specifically identified by your school staff to receive intensive support.  The groups typically meet once a week, but we can tailor the frequency to fit your school's schedule and your students' needs.

Motivational and School Enrichment Programs

The Black Star Project helps to motivate your students by helping them connect the work that they are doing in the classroom with their futures in college, careers, and in life.  Our guest speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, and they all have a different way of conveying the message that education is essential for future happiness and success.


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Cities that participated in MLK Mentoring Day
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