10)      Excuse number ten: We should boycott alcohol and cigeretts. Response number ten: Agreed.
9)       Excuse number nine: Starbucks is not the only one doing this to us. Response number nine: Precisely! And we will not take it from Starbucks or any other entity.
8)      Excuse number eight: The two young men will get paid for sitting in jail for nine hours. Response number eight: This is not about any one or two people, or an organization getting paid. This is about the economic future of Black people in America, and maybe in the world.
7)      Excuse number seven: You can't tell me what to do with my money. Response number seven: Obviously not. Keep using your money to fund your own oppression and the oppression of your children and grandchildren.
6)      Excuse number six: Starbucks has Black owners and Black employees. Response number six: Yes it does and we are very proud of them. But they all deserve better. And other businesses and companies should have more Black owners and Black employees. That is what the boycott is about!


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