By Phillip Jackson - The Black Star Project

Plan a "Pop-Up" Boycott of Starbucks in your city or community today!!! You should boycott Starbucks today because this is much bigger than a cup of coffee! This is so much bigger than using a washroom without making a purchase! This is so much bigger than Black men being arrested for sitting quietly in a Starbucks Cafe in Philadelphia!!!

This is about whether America is reverting back to a time of Jim Crow America when a Black person could not sit at a lunch counter or restaurant and be served.

This reflects back to a time of when there were White water fountains and Black water fountains that even separated Black people from clean drinking water. This reflects back to a time of Jim Crow and Apartheid when Black people could be stopped, arrested, and killed by police for no reason and with no consequence! 

We boycott Starbucks for the students in Parkland, Florida and their fight to bring sensible gun laws to America. We boycott Starbucks for the Dreamers of DACA and their chance for a life of freedom and fairness. We boycott Starbucks for our Muslim brothers and sisters who are judge before they come into the room. We boycott Starbucks for those poor people in America, of all races, being left further and further behind economically. 

What do we want from Starbucks?
1) We want Starbucks to take the lead on a serious effort to rally corporate America to address the major social and race issues of America with resources, coordination and talent. Starbucks is an $85 billion company that can do this. We do not want more useless "diversity training" or apologies!
2) We want Starbucks to make a commitment to work with communities, other businesses, government, foundations and effective Black leaders to address the issues of Black America, in particular. They have all failed Black America, and America in the past. 
3) We want Starbucks to improve work wages and work conditions for their 175,000 employees in 27,000 stores, who earn an average of $9.43 per hour, and to invest development resources in local communities.


Please Click Here to register for a "Pop-up Starbucks boycott in your city and community. 


Please Click Here to listen to a thoughtful discussion on why we should boycott Starbucks to benefit America.


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