Young Black Men of Honor

What is Young Black Men of Honor mentoring program?

The Black Star Project's Young Black Men of Honor Mentor Program (YBMHMP) supports young Black men in Chicago ages 12 to 18 who meet every Tuesday evening with their mentors (1:4 ratio).

Mentors and guest speakers have addressed such topics as:

  • How to dress for success – discussion on school dress codes and the origins of baggy pants
  • The Value of education – especially post-secondary efforts for the 21st-century global economy
  • The ingredients of self-discipline and its 4 key attributes: self-control, motivation, persistence, and goals
  • How boys growing up without their fathers cope with the pain - discussion on the documentary “Spittin’ Anger”
  • Kwanzaa: The 7 Principals
  • Job Interviewing skills: resumes, cover letters, and dressing for the job
  • Building-Block Principles - Integrity & Self-Esteem

Why is this program important?

YBMHMP connects youth participants with strong, supportive men who encourage them to become positive forces in their communities. This weekly interactive group opportunity shows participants how to become strong, positive Black men in the face of such overwhelmingly negative environmental forces that surround them (drugs, gangs, and violence). Mentors and guest speakers serve as role models as they introduce participants to an alternate blueprint for how to successfully live their lives.

YBMHMP mentors, a dynamic group of men, are committed to being positive role models for young Black males. Prospective mentors register, attend an intake and orientation session, including an interview with the Mentor Advisory Board and benefit from intermittent training sessions. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please call Vincent Price at 773.285.9600.