Academic Enrichment

The Black Star Project's small group and one-on-one tutoring is an ideal supplement to bring into your school for targeted pull-out or after school tutoring.  Our experienced tutors have a wide variety of specialties and lots of experience.  And, most importantly, they are all passionate about the high standards they hold for all of our youth.

Homework Help Rooms

The Black Star Scholars Tutors can provide after school or during school homework help to increase your students' GPA.  Our tutors will encourage positive time management and study habits.

Test Preparation Classes

The Black Star Scholars Tutors can provide after school or during school test preparation in whatever test your children need.  Our tutors work with students in small groups to provide individualized attention to garner the best results from your students.

Saturday University

The Black Star Project can bring Saturday University to your school! Saturday University features math, reading, and writing courses taught in culturally-appropriate contexts that target the areas students struggle the most.

Financial Literacy Workshops

During 90-minute classes, instructors educate 4th-8th grade students on important financial literacy concepts, including information about how to make, save and invest money. With this important knowledge gained, these students are more likely to become financially responsible in today's challenging economic times.