Motivational Programs

The Black Star Project helps to motivate your students by helping them connect the work that they are doing in the classroom with their futures in college, careers, and in life. Our guest speakers come from a variety of backgrounds, and they all have a different way of conveying the message that education is essential for future happiness and success.

Student Motivation Program

The Black Star Project's Student Motivation and Mentoring Program, created in 1996, follows a classroom-mentoring program model that strives to:

  • Inspire and motivate students to do well in school
  • Expose students to various college and career options
  • Encourage students towards healthy and positive lives
  • Help students to create viable life plans and make good decisions

The Black Star Project manages one of the largest Student Motivation and Mentoring Programs in the United States. Since 1996, The Black Star Project's motivational speakers have mentored over 200,000 students in more than 220 Chicago public, private and parochial elementary and high schools. This program serves students of all ethnic, racial and faith backgrounds.

Mentors talk to students about their jobs, the preparation necessary for their jobs, whether college or other training was required to take that job, and most importantly, what students need to do in school to prepare for a successful life in the world of work.  Additionally, mentors offer students advice on making good decisions about basic life choices.

Graduation and Motivational Speaker's Bureau

The Black Star Project's dynamic speakers can motivate and inspire any group of young graduates!  We have a variety of practiced and engaging speakers ranging from entrepreneurs, activists, spoken word and hip hop artists, medical professionals, and even The Black Star Project's executive director, Phillip Jackson.

Real Men Read Program

The Black Star Project's Real Men Read program brings fathers and men to schools to read to K-3rd-grade students and to model the value of reading and learning.  Books are provided by one of three sources: The Black Star Project, Black men guest readers, and schools themselves.

"Shark Tank" Mock Interviews

A panel of successful business leaders will lead high school students through mock interviews, giving advice on how to ace the interview and get the job.

Academic and Attendance Encouragement Pep Rallies

The Black Star Project tutors and motivators will come to your school and motivate your children to succeed!  Rappers, spoken word artists, DJ's and our educational support staff will talk with your students about the importance of education, encourage students to do their best, give them practical test-day tips, and motivate them to succeed.

Black Male Achievement Mini Summit 

During this one-day three-hour Black Male Achievement Mini Summit, four of Chicago's most inspirational, dynamic and exceptional speakers on Excellence in Education will facilitate four modules with supporting participatory exercises that will transform the spirits, morals, value system, and mindsets of the young men that attend this program.  Students will leave the program as inspired independent thinkers ready to take their education and personal life to the next level.