Parent Engagement

At The Black Star Project, we firmly believe that parents are the first, best, and most important educators for their children.  We can help your school better engage its parents and build a more productive partnership with them to support the education of all of our children.  We also have a special emphasis on involving fathers because we see what a difference it makes to even have a small group of engaged and supportive fathers in a school.


Parent University 

The Black Star Project Parent Professors facilitate workshops on a variety of subjects including: How to Improve Your Child's Math, Reading, and Science Skills, Managing Stress While Raising Your Family, and How to Raise a Peer-Proof Child.  Additionally, we offer series of 5 workshops on topics like the ISAT and Helping Your Child with their Math and Reading Homework.  

Father, Fatherhood and Adult Male Involvement Programs 

In order to encourage fatherhood participation, The Black Star Project facilitates free and reduced-price outings for fathers to participate with their children.  We also facilitate workshops specifically designed for fathers such as New Fathers: How to Ensure Your Child gets the Best Education from Day One and How Fathers Can Lead: Positive Conflict Resolution for the Family.

Our Million Father March Clubs organize fathers to get involved and stay involved at your school.  We can organize monthly meetings with fathers and organize school-based volunteer opportunities with fathers doing such work as safe passage before and after school, hall and classroom monitoring, chaperone field trips, and read to children before, during or after class.